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Are you an entrepreneur with a exciting idea or concept for a food or drink product? 


Do you have a great home-made recipe, but you're not sure how to scale up and commercialise for major retailers and distributors?


Taste creators provides turnkey solutions to help you create high quality commercial scale food and drink products that meet the standards and the requirements of the food and drink industry.

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When moving from a home-made recipe to a commercial product there are a lot of new realities and challenges start-up businesses face. We are here to help you get over the hill and into factory production with the following services; 


Recipe & flavour development 

The Taste Creators are foodies at heart with a strong culinary background working in Michelin star restaurants and producing quality products for the likes of Waitrose and M&S. Taste is at the core of everything we do, we will help you find the right balance of flavours to create a great tasting product for your target consumers. 


Ingredient sourcing from certified suppliers

We source all ingredients from BRC or Salsa approved suppliers that provide full traceability in order to help you meet the requirements for trading with UK supermarkets. 


Product costing  & maximisation

Ensuring your product hits the right cost price is critical to success. When developing your recipes we work towards your cost targets and scrutinise each ingredient and the value-add for the final product. We aim to strike the perfect balance between taste and cost-effectiveness. 

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Shelf-life Testing 

We work with laboratories to help determine the shelf-life of your product, a requirement for all packaged food and drink products. We help you understand ingredients and manufacturing techniques you can deploy to improve shelf-life and profitability of your products. 


Nutritional Analysis

We build your nutritional and ingredient declaration for your packaging and marketing communications. We help you navigate the nomenclature of health claims and what you can declare. 

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Factory Selection

We have a strong knowledge of reputable manufacturers who will work with start-ups throughout the UK. We will help you create a shortlist and find a manufacturer that is best suited to your needs. 


Factory Scale Up

We work with your manufacturer to ensure the right processes are used to scale up your recipe, ensuring product quality and consistency is maintained at high-levels of production. 

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Trial Management

We can attend your pilot production run to help overcome any obstacles and ensure everything goes smoothly.